About Me

Hello fellows. Welcome to my blog here is a little information about me.

My name is Donton and I am a 22-year-old from New Berlin, WI. I was born in Foshan, China on February 28, 1996, and was adopted by my parents at the age of three. My parents have adopted 10 children. All but one were from a different part of China and the majority of us had suffered from severe physical conditions.

My parents were raised up Catholics but Catholicism was never pushed on us. I found my way to Christ through my own choice. I have always been saved since the day I was born, but the point where I realized and accepted it as an adult was Monday, December 25, 2017. Three days prior was my first of many spiritual experiences and was a reckoning of what my life had become.

My family is pretty large and it’s only going to get bigger every day! I have three older brothers who are all married. One of my older brothers has a second child on the way! It’s incredible how this family is growing. I’ve got two younger sisters and two younger brothers as well who all just graduated high school. I have a brother who is my age who had been the plank in my eye. I did not see how great he is and I dearly regret not being able to remove the plank sooner.

I am a Student and a Researcher at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. I am majoring in Computer Science and doing research in AI technology with artificial neural networks being my focus. I also work at Costco part-time to help pay for college. I’m not a good writer and my creativity kills me. Language has been a difficult part of the majority of my family so expressing how we feel has been difficult. It doesn’t help my brain is number oriented, but this blog is giving me the chance to just let everything out.

I love technology and gizmos. I like enjoying the outdoors and going on adventures beyond my comfort zone spontaneously. Traveling gets me excited and being a stranger is fun to me. I am independent and a wanderer. I am high energy, intense, and I take life seriously. There’s no other way of living for me. To me, it is not living if you don’t live like that because I’ve wasted many years breathing stale air. Now I breathe in the spirit of God and breathe out tranquility and peace. I have found who I am, Now I am looking to help others.

You will get to truly know me through my stories and testimonies. I hope you enjoy the trip. Subscribe and look forward to new posts!


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