Chronicles : The Present

Change Of Heart

A poem written for my Mother and Father to be printed on a silk scroll




It’s been said that you have two parents.

The Father in Heaven,

and the mother and father on Earth.

I was born into a world without either,

lost and angry

Entrapped in my mind.


But my Father in Heaven did not dismiss me,

For He had made provisions

To bring me to light from the grips of darkness.

Open my eyes.


Gifts from God.


A heart, like a tree, does not come to be,

It is nurtured and nursed through patient love.

My body had no heart

And I had no love.


My mind may be mine,

But look,

My Heart is yours.

For you received in you a heart of life

And from that you have multiplied it by ten.

And then some.


One guardian angel protecting from Heaven.

Nine fighters fighting on Earth.

There is nothing greater to fix than Life itself,

For we were shattered and now we are glued.

No amount of money and no amount of riches can compare.

Can you not see the beauty?


I know I cannot connect with people,

It truly is sad.


Perhaps with your gifts

I can try.


And then again tomorrow.

A little bit at a time.


Because this Heart was not to be,

But It is,

By virtue of

The Gifts from God.


I will always love you Mom and Dad.

For I have learn to take your Gifts

And make them mine.

So that I may give to those

Whose heart was not to be,

But Will Be Tomorrow!

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