Chronicles : Chapter One

Soul Exchange : Falling To The Altar And Begging For Salvation

Introduction :

When you are a Christian it is easy to walk the walk and talk the talk, the defining difference between a Radical Christian and a christian in it for the label is whether you will exchange the Soul Exchange. Would you be so desperate and so craving of salvation that you’re willing to give up your old soul? The soul which was deprived of a heavenly spirit and the little that was there only sucked on the evils of this world? The little satisfaction the world provides cannot be compared to Jesus’s salvation but it is the only feeling we ever knew. When goods of the world and sin satisfy our souls for 30 seconds, it becomes extremely hard to be willing to part with them. This sense of control of our “happiness” is what binds the world to our soul and prevents us from fully exchanging ours for Jesus’s salvation.


Fallen Knees :

I ran inside because it was freezing and locked myself in the darkness of the bathroom next to my parent’s bedroom. I wanted to be close. I needed to be close. I needed to feel God feel my feelings for them.

Release your control in exchange for God’s control. It is difficult for us but that is what must be done in order to fully be saturated in the Lord because Jesus can only be in a relationship with you if you possess a heavenly soul primed to communicate. The first step is always showing some form of submission to His almighty power and asking the Lord for his mercy, grace, love, life, and saving at the altar. My form of submission was falling to my knees begging for Him. It is to feel your soul break apart with great pain, in order to allow Jesus Christ hold it in His hand and to mend it a new soul which can hold our new heavenly spirits. Through our spirit, incredible miracles happen and through our spirit, we feel the Lord like never before. I wonder if God would be disappointed knowing my altar was on the toilet of my childhood home.


The Altar :

I will be blunt, God could give two-shits about where in the world your altar is. The altar does not have to be an elegant and majestic raised area covered with marbled with holy artifacts surrounding. Look, an altar is a divine spiritual experience that cannot be bound to an item or object, it is a powerful event that transcends all earthly artifacts and when that event happens it is more beautiful than the Big Bang for when that event happens, angels in the heavens sing and our God smiles. That event is the event when you are so tired and weary of this world thereafter you crave for Jesus’s salvation. It is a beautiful defining moment in every Christians’ life. We all have an altar and it doesn’t have to be in front of an audience. There’s only one audience it’s God, with Jesus and His Holy Spirit. That’s your audience. This is why I truly believe He would not be disappointed knowing the moment that I cried out to him was on the toilet. This is why I truly believe he was happiest when I was on that toilet. So a toilet can be a place for a saving. Hallelujah, praise the Lord! Honestly, what He saw was one of his children seeking him like how a baby cries out to his mother for survival. I was crying out to my Father for nourishment because I was starving for life.


Flowing Spirit :

I was crying for the Lord and for his guidance for 5 hours straight. I cried so much I needed a break to rehydrate. I didn’t know I could feel so much because I was emotionless the previous three years. It felt really refreshing to me though and crying out to him made me realize how ignorant I was the past few years. Actually, my whole life. I remember just willing to give up my soul because I couldn’t do it alone and this soul was not made for an individual. This soul was made to do God’s will. I remember asking for God to take my weakness and shame. I remember asking God to give me a soul which would not be bounded by this would but be unlimited in growth through a spirit that would reach beyond the sun and moon. A spirit so strong and inflamed in your love that it would reach you and the heavens. A spirit compatible and desiring of Jesus Christ. I prayed with all the praying muscle I could muster up for your grace and mercy. He was the answer to my questions and I knew it deep inside my heart. I have never prayed so hard or cried so much for God Almighty. It woke me up filled with a renewed energy and I was primed to start my Christian life. The exchanging of your control to our Father is powerful because we are made in His image and so we also have His love and when we choose to give up our side of the equation is when the Lord can fully assert his power in your life. It truly is stronger when an individual actively chooses Christ out of love and not obligation and fear.


“If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.”

Luke 9:23


New Beginnings :

What was your first altar? What was the first moment you were willing to give up your soul for a new soul compatible with Jesus Christ our savior? Endings are not truly endings. They are fresh beginnings. Can you not see? When I gave up my soul it was not the end of myself. It was a brand new blessed beginning with Jesus Christ my savior. I realized a soul of the world exchanged for a soul of holiness is eternal life. Following in the steps of Jesus provides you great amounts of resilience, grit, and toughness when the world tries to put you down. God build upon our strengths, not our weaknesses and Jesus allows us to use our strengths to the fullest. It was a huge step for me and honestly, I was uncomfortable but there a sense of relief knowing that death, whether it be me, my parents, or the world would not hold me back.


Father, The World :

Father, I pray for all of humanity to find their peace at your altar. I pray they find their altar to be the moment they realize that they need you. There is no greater love than your salvation and through your Son’s sacrifice and resurrection, we are redeemed. I pray that those who have found peace are engulfed in your holiness and are strengthened beyond their human limitations. I pray we, your kingdom fighters on earth, will have the audacity to live our life in your name and to have the strength to rise above the persecutions and oppression of the world. Lord, you are the truth and the way and through Jesus Christ, we may know you. I pray We, your children, are granted mighty power to fulfill your will. Thank you for watching over us and helping us mend our broken souls in order to empower and equip our spirits with the will of fire of the one true high God.


In the name of Jesus Christ my Savior,


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