Snatch Steal : Steal Back Your Youth From The World

Pleasure :

If you ever have been addicted to anything then you’d understand that when you indulge you do not care about the past or the future. What matters most is only the present and the satisfaction of temporary happiness guaranteed by the indulgence. We know from our past that our addictions are bad and that the indulgence will ultimately negatively affect our future ability to quit. However, during the present point, we feel the strong need to be happy at that singular state. All time periods are independent of each other with our indulgences. This is a sad case of how this perspective of time negatively affects people. It is the reason why it is so hard to pull out of addiction when we are gifted with that extreme sense of pleasure in the present.

The same case occurs with sexuality. God has blessed us with sexuality so that we may enjoy, in the present, our partner. However, if we indulge without that intention then it can become an addicting force that may lead us to feel trapped by our biological feelings. At the point we indulge in sexuality for manners other than the primary purpose, then it becomes the period when we shut out God. It only takes a split moment of time for us to feel so far apart from God even though we have only left him out for just a little bit.

Pleasure In Christ :

I’m talking about dopamine and endorphins and the powerful force it has on our ability to reason with the present point against the overall cumulative states. We are blessed to feel now more than the future. I believe these intense feelings released by dopamine were created by God so we could enjoy Him more. I personally am affected by this when I listen to worship. It is during this period of happiness from God that makes me most grateful for Jesus Christ and what He is. This gift can sometimes be used by the devil to trick us into what it was not intended to do. Adultery, Gluttony, and Addiction are just some of the sad consequences. It is our choice to snatch control back from the devil.

We don’t have to face this battle because it has already been won and we know it as our savior, Jesus Christ. With his resurrection, we can be assured that we have new life in Him. To feel Jesus Christ and how much His sacrifice meant to you in every moment of your day. That is what glorifying Him looks like. Jesus Christ sacrifice was sufficient for the past and the future for all of humanity. We are the living vessels to carry him through the present and the now.

Children :

Change your mindset to focus on the present and you will be forever grateful for Christ and the peace that He has brought in your life. I was born to overthink. It is innate for me to focus on the past. Then use that to decide how to avoid doing it in the future. I think of the future and what I must do in the near future to avoid that future! It used to be that the feeling of living now was last felt as a kid. A long time ago I never cared too much about what I just did nor what I will do. I just played and had fun living.

Do you know why I didn’t care about the future or past actions? It was because I had parents who would take care of the consequences from past actions. I had unconditional loving parents who would forgive my stupid kid actions. They would take care of everything in the future no matter what how many mistakes I made. No wonder I was so reckless! It is exactly like our Father and everything that He is! The Bible says for us to be like children because the Kingdom of Heaven are those who are like them. Matthew 19:14. The world might call it naive, foolish, and stupid but these are the principles that we are at war with!

Higher :

There’s a reason why time goes by so fast when you’re having fun. There’s a reason why volunteering is such a gratifying experience. When we partake in those activities, we are not focused on the states of time. We are focused on something higher which can be joy, fun, charity, and many more. I ask you to focus on something higher than the world. In Jesus Christ, you’ll receive eternal rest in soul and spirit. The world is limited and it can be hard for us to believe that there is more. I am telling you that there is an entire new ceiling when we accept eternal salvation. Through that, we are stronger and more lively than we could ever be with the products of the world.

Receive the products of the Heavens and you’ll be blessed with gifts beyond the measures of material happiness. How terrified is the world when the soldiers are focused on winning the spiritual battles of now than focused on the obstacles we have no control over? This is how you live in eternity through Christ. We give the grave power over us when we have a clock running down and we fearfully focus on it. Fortunately, we have power over the grave by accepting the Savior that has conquered the grave himself!

Eternity :

We may be gone today, or we may pass tomorrow. When we pass we don’t want to know whether or not we should have lived our life with greater energy. If we pass and approach the gates knowing that you risked everything in order to preserve the Will, then surely, we will find salvation. Time is the only resource that we cannot gain back once we lose. The question is whether or not you will live every moment of your life with the Holy Spirit flowing, because only then does time have no hold on us. We will receive eternity in which time has no measure because, in eternity, time becomes infinite and heavenly eternity is a state of everlasting love with God Almighty. Everlasting meaning a state not bound by time.

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