Chronicles : Chapter Two

Reinforcement of the Army : Fighting With Friends To Support Your Victory

Nice Guy Dom :

The first thing you have got to understand about Dom is that he is a clear product of God’s Love. He was not saved when I first met him. I didn’t even know he went to church when I first met him. When I met him at the church on Christmas Eve, he was going through a difficult break with his girlfriend at the time. God had told her that she should not date Dom because Dom was not saved. It was hard because Dom really loved her and she really loved Dom. Dom was saved during this breakup period though, and they got back together. This shows that sometimes things happen for a reason and although we may feel hurt, the truth is that we aren’t and the path is still paved for us to walk to get us to the point of salvation.

Dom is handsome and he dresses nice too. You could say that Dom was everything I wasn’t and I envied that. He was good at singing, played instruments, had really cool tattoos and helped me get my first. He was just ideal. I wonder why Sarah ever broke up with him in the first place but then again, I barely understand myself. None of that matters to me though because striving to be like Dom would pull me farther from Christ and my true identity in Him. God wants us to know who our real identity is and to use our Gifts to make us the best us we can be. We are the engineers who specialize in our skills He has blessed us with.


Adoption :

Soon after receiving the invitation I met the first people who I’d come to adore. They were a lovely young couple brimming with an adopting aura of love. To me, Glen and Heather were the mother and father our group. Most importantly there existed a sense of responsibility whom God had blessed them with. They possessed a responsibility of adoption that gave them heavenly rights to raise children who have had no contact with God to be fully embraced in God’s love. I was welcomed and adopted into those two homes instantly and I was happy.

As soon as I walked in I naturally got anxious, but it was relieved as soon as I talked to Glen. Glen is an easy guy to talk to and he was always engaged with you. Anxiety was flushed away. Heather is an incredible and beautiful woman with a good natural welcoming heart. I was so blown away when she offered to make me tea! I’m not sure what I was expecting from these two people but I was beyond satisfied. I was calm and at peace with my cup of chamomile tea.


Future Bros, and Pizza Girl Ray :

Two of my closest friends would appear that day. I would not know it because I am afraid of tall people and these were two VERY tall people. Kennen, also known as K-dog, is a great friend of mine and he is my brother in arms. He is knowledgeable and is seeking the Word fervently. That night, I gave my spiritual experience and I remember clearly he was intrigued. I could tell that he understood how real it was to me and got really excited for me. I did not know that day that he would be one of my closest bros.

Nate, also known as Nate Wood, is one who embodies God’s grace honestly. He is fire and fury when it comes to His love. I find this part admirable and I wish to become a leader like him one day. He is also tall. Regardless of their height, Nate and Kennen would become my bros in the future. The strangest thing happened in the middle of the night.

This tiny girl, Ray, also known as Cousin of Kennen, came in with her work clothes on and a Domino’s pizza. She sat down and ate that WHOLE fricken pizza! Incredible. How much does she hunger for the Lord if she hungers this much for pizza, I thought. Ray is really nice and I love the way she doesn’t back down. She is a fierce fighter indeed. I remember thinking to myself, how similar she was in character to Ray from Star Wars. I learned instantly that she loves her Corgi, and all corgis while at that. Also, don’t call her Rachel, she doesn’t like that name.


The Message: 

The facilitator was a woman named Courtney and she was the core of the group. No one gives her enough credit for keeping the group together and growing it. She is a great teacher, friend, and communicator. She holds everyone accountable for their attendance and checks up on us if we do not show up. Although Dom was the one who brought me, it was truly Courtney who kept me coming back. She is diligent in this and because of her dedication to God, I know she will find success in whatever she is doing in life. She is a great woman who has started a nonprofit for single teenage mothers.

Sarah, also known as Sarah-I, was the one giving the message that day. She is one of the strongest women I know and her testimony is powerful. She has gone through a lot and her ability to share her testimony with great strength and confidence to strangers is enduring to this day. I wouldn’t expect anything less from her. She is the reason why I am not afraid to speak. Her message was emotional and I relate to every bit of it. I was crying underneath the shades of my pride. Her story was so honest I wish I did not have felt the need to hide my crying. I wish I could have shown her my compassion by crying.


The Rest :

There is so much to tell about each and every one of these people. I could write a whole article on each of them. All of their stories and testimonies are real and empowering. They are awakening to the spirit and provide a glimmer of hope to those who seek. There are many more people who were that night, but it is these people who made that night memorable. The message was powerful and the night was filled with the aura of Jesus. Healings happened and testimonies were shared.

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