This Is My Promise

I Love Jesus Christ. To all who agree, blessed are their hearts!

I genuinely cannot express enough how much He means to my life. Put simply, He is my life. He has Saved me from my sins, Pulled me out of the dark abyss, Breathed life into what was a dead body, and has Blessed me beyond comprehension. Jesus Christ Sacrificed himself and Made a sacred Covenant with me and you so that we may glorify His name by carrying out His holiest of holy commandment :

“A new commandment I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so also you must love one another.”

John 13:34


I look to use this blog as the opportunity to share my testimonies with friends and family who need a light. I truly believe in the power of testimonies as they are real acts of God in people’s lives. Testimonies are the best way to learn the true character of a person. We understand Christ not because His words are written on paper, but because they mean something more as told through His teachings, stories, parables, and the many witnesses of those ages. Those teachings and parables give power to the weak and the truth to those who know. Understand me through my testimonies for I cannot meet you, but in common grounds and love you may come to know me as if I was your friend.

Allow me to share how good our Lord is. Allow me to spread His love through the living vessel, that which is me. May my messages be deeply entwined in your hearts as to help lift those in sorrow and to ease their sufferings, a little bit every time. May I be the empowerment of the weary souls who are fighting a hard spiritual battle within their heart and to give them strength to keep fighting the good fight.

Let me provide wisdom and revelations to those who seek more. Let me provide endurance and confidence to those who seek to be leaders whom thirst to learn more. Let us be friends in this time and let us be a community strong in heart for the love of Christ is unlimited and we are stronger together through Him. Let us be Radical Christians that are firmly rooted in Your heart. Let us fervently plant the seeds of Your love to willing vessels and to nourish them so that they may grow to be Your willing helpers. Let us share Your love to empower the world.

In the name of Jesus Christ,






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