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Graceful Charity : This Is Why Grace Has Allowed Me To Flourish Unbounded

Introduction :

Today we celebrate a special holiday that is dear to everyone’s heart. Because today is Thanksgiving, and everyone with a little bit of searching can find something to be thankful for. This is my story.


Thankfulness :

There’s really a lot to be thankful for in life, but sometimes life can construe what we should be thankful for. We may feel life happening too fast to realize what we should really be thankful for. This includes the small and the big stuff. I’m a strong believer in appreciating the small so you can mindfully enjoy life’s pleasant moments during every part of the day.

If you had to ask me what I was most thankful for in my entire life for this year, then I would struggle to find an answer for the reason stated above. However, there was a moment today when I realized what my heart truly was most thankful for this year. It is beyond any doubt, grace. Grace is really hard to define. When I asked my sister what God’s grace is and what it meant to her I realized that our definitions didn’t match up. There is nothing wrong with that but it made me realize what God’s grace meant to me even more. God’s grace is the same for everyone but how we interpret it and experience His grace is up to us.


Grace To Me :

To me, grace was my Father’s desire to be with me and to call me His child as I call out to him as my Father with His truest identity residing in me. God’s grace to me was the constant portrayal of love towards me which overpowered any and all blasphemy coming from my sinful spirit. This, to me, is the saving grace that I needed because for a while I believed I was undeserving of His love.

What led me to believe this way was my constant testing of God’s identity and my ignorant blasphemy of Him. To me, there is no greater sin than blasphemy because blasphemy is not of this earth and it is a direct attack on God coming from our spirit of which our God has blessed us with. It is a teenage rebellious phase. I knew how powerful God’s love was to overcome my sin, but coming to terms with it was difficult.

God’s grace saved me because even though I made my mistakes, He saw me not for my actions but for my love and my potential to spread His love. I cannot express how thankful I am. It is this undeserving power and strength that allows me to walk in confidence each day. I walk in confidence through Christ because of my faith that if I fall, God’s grace will catch me before I fall and hit the pits of the abyss. Knowing this allows me to live my life to the maximum awareness of the little things in life.


Power of Grace :

God doesn’t leave His children forgotten because we are His most loved. It was God’s grace that put Scott in my life to save me from suicide. It was God’s grace that put Scott in my life while I was eating Chicken and Kale in the Panda Express dining area at the University of Minnesota – Twin CIties. God’s graceful charity allowed me to see how much love there was that was within my reach. I was impoverished and filled with anger and hate but it was God’s grace that eased me.

Above all else, it was God’s grace that put Redre Nelach in my life as a friend. Nelach was like no one else and she was embodied with the full armor of God. She was brilliantly lit up with His spirit and ran steadfast into the darkness of souls. Perhaps it was this trait that I found most admirable. I once told my group leader, “The longer you stare into the stars of the night, the more stars you will see.” Very few people understand this and even a smaller percentage live by this. Nelach was one who stared into the darkness of all souls to see the Lod’s light.


Champion of Grace :

Nelach was a champion of God’s grace and expressed wholeheartedly it. I fell in love with this. When I met her, I had just come back from the Twin Cities and I lost all my friends and never bothered to make new ones. I never would have thought that God’s grace would put her in my life, yet He did. For that, I am extremely thankful. Nelach made me smile on days when even lifting my eyes was hard. A radiant of energy spread from her chest as if it was about to burst.

I learned a great deal from her. Nelach has reminded me what life was and what God could provide. When I didn’t believe in myself, she believed in me. When I didn’t see good in myself, she saw the good in me! What is God’s grace but not that! Nelach must never know what she means to me because she has served God’s Will in my life beyond our Fathers expectation. For that, I am thankful. During my weakest moments, she provided graceful charity to a soul yearning.

She became the personification of Jesus Christ’s Living Hope on earth. I saw in her, what I hadn’t seen in anyone on earth. When all else failed, it was her that taught me during my hardest battles :

“You know how in winter everything seems so dead? Although everything looks dead, the trees’ roots are growing deeper. They are becoming stronger.”


Living with Grace :

God’s grace has saved me from the depths of hell and has raised me to become a champion for the weak like Nelach. If I can become half the man as Nelach was then I would be much satisfied. This is what I’m most thankful for this year. Realizing the significance of grace and how it has filled me with holy energy as it did with Nelach is what I’m most thankful for. Because of Redre Nelach, I am able to live every day to the fullest. I am willing to ride steadfast into the darkest of nights to lend a helping hand. God bless her and God bless the seeds she nourishes. I am her seed and for that, I am most thankful for.

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