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Remove Trap : Using God-given Gifts To Overcome Darkness

Introduction :

I want to challenge you to view what I’m about to share with you with an open heart. I want to try an exercise where you envision yourself as an engineer. Picture yourself as an engineer. If you don’t know what an engineer is then I can describe what it means to be an engineer to me. Understanding how an engineer works to solve problems can help us in our daily lives to live a life where our problems can easily be solved.


Practicality :

Throughout elementary school, I was taught the main subjects: Math, Science, Social Studies, English, Art, and Gym. I’m sure that unless you go to a special school then you may have encountered a curriculum like mine. The problem with the curriculum is that it doesn’t really have any practical use beyond the classroom. You could argue that Gym could teach you to be physical. Art could teach you to be creative. English could teach you to communicate. Social Studies could teach you to visualize. Science could teach you discovery. Math could teach you patterns.

The current education system was developed and structured to answer the demands for manufacturing jobs and the education system’s purpose really hasn’t changed much then. All these skills are necessary for life, but what are skills unless you have a purpose for them? This is what I mean when I say that it isn’t a curriculum practical for real life. Unless you have the inherent skill to solve a creative problem with creativity, then being creative is “practically” useless in the sense of solving creative problems.

You are not introduced to what engineering is until you get a formal education beyond primary school. An engineer is not limited to a specific field like electrical or mechanical. In fact, engineers can range from all sorts of fields: biomedical, chemistry, agriculture, water, civil, and many others. The specific knowledge relating to each field of engineering is independent of each other and it is not what makes an engineer an engineer.


An Engineer :

To me, an engineer is a professional who uses known processes and procedures to develop a product or solution that solves an applicable problem. They give solutions to real-world problems. Engineer is less concerning of the knowledge of their domain but rather the way of thinking when it comes to tackling problems. Solution-oriented thinking with knowledge of the limitations imposed.


Holy Body :

The reason why I bring this topic up isn’t to bore you but to show you what the kingdom of heaven truly is. The kingdom of heaven is one body through Christ. Each cell in the body of Christ is interconnected to Him, our savior, and to other fellow cells or Christians. Each cell, as you probably have guessed, is truly an engineer. The engineer can be of various fields depending on the skills as you can see with the various different types of earthly engineers. Each cell will have the unique strength they possess.

Not everyone is supposed to be one specific type of engineer. What makes the body of Christ the strongest is the diversity in our engineers. What is most important about the body of Christ is not the individual’s cell’s specific skills but rather the fact that each cell in the body of Christ is operating like an engineer with the same processes and procedures set in place by our Father. If the body of Christ can do this in unison, then we will be stronger together. As long as we find our specific engineer domain and work diligently using the processes and procedures set forth by our Father then we will surely find success.


The Blueprint :

Our processes and procedures on how to structure our problem-solving skills relating to navigating life have been set forth by Jesus Christ alone. There are two fundamental ones. Love your God. Love your neighbor. We maximize our innate abilities when we follow those processes and procedures. Engineers are the problem solvers and the problems are plenty of the world. Sin, nonbelievers, enemies, and many more.


“This is my body, which is given for you. Do this in remembrance of me.” 

Luke 22:19

Traps of the Earth :

We live in a society filled with traps tormenting us to do wrong. To think the wrong way! To follow false idols and their processes and procedures even though we know are wrong but still fall prey to. Money, sexuality (men and women), greed, gluttony, and sadly many more. The most dangerous trap is our mind and humanly wisdom. When we proclaim our wisdom as just and decree our own processes and procedures over the Father’s, then that is period when we are trapped the most!

There is none but one way to remove the trap surrounding us! It is Jesus Christ and his Commandments for us! It is the sacred covenant He has made so we are allowed to love abundantly without being held back. Will you accept the covenant as to remove the traps that are waiting for you? When you accept his covenant then no trap will be set off or harm you when you traverse them.

Have you not heard that if you get slapped in the cheek, then you should turn the other one too? We fight the problems of the world not through our own processes and procedures, but with the first two fundamental commandments! This is truly beginning of healing for the wounded hearts who have been plagued by the world.


Untapped Potential :

Know that every enemy you deem an enemy is little to you but to our God, the enemy is His righteous child. The enemy is just lost and not found. It is our duty as radical Christians to engineer a world that fulfills his Will on earth as it is in Heaven through the framework in which Christ has provided for us to overcome darkness. When you want to defeat an enemy who sets traps around you, you best put the most powerful and divine trap within you. This way of living life is what separates Radical Christians because the Lord knows that it is very difficult to live with his most holy trap in you. However, our Father also knows it’s much easier to when we have Jesus Christ as our anchor.


The cells of the body of Christ are indeed God’s helper and we are on this planet to do far more than being scientists trying to do nothing but create problems from problems. We get nowhere if we do that. We are sent to fix the darkness that plagues this world and to bring light to all so all can see by the Word and our righteous battle through Jesus Christ.

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